Unsettlement Anthems

By Chicago Children's Choir (other events)

2 Dates Through Apr 02, 2019

Pulitzer Prize finalist and CCC alumnus Ted Hearne returns home to Chicago Children's Choir to lead Voice of Chicago in an exploration of his compositions, hailed by Pitchfork as "some of the most expressive, socially engaged music in recent memory--from any genre."

Voice of Chicago is presented by Allstate.

Please note that the works on this concert overtly deal with themes of racism, gentrification and other topics in modern social and political discourse. In order to ensure the best experience for all attendees, we recommend this concert for patrons 12 years of age or older.


Movements from Privilege (Hearne)
Movements from Sound from the Bench (Hearne)
Movements from Place (Hearne)


Members of Voice of Chicago

Ted Hearne, CCC Alumnus
Josephine Lee, CCC President & Artistic Director

Josephine Lee, CCC President & Artistic Director
Isaiah Robinson, CCC Alumnus
Ayanna Woods, CCC Alumna
Sophia Byrd, CCC Alumna

Ashley Bathgate, cello
John Goodwin (CCC Principal Pianist & Conductor In Residence), piano
Dave Hiltebrand, electric bass
Mitchell Owens (CCC Alumnus & Composer In Residence), keys
Taylor Levine, electric guitar
Ron Wiltrout, percussion

Mailing Address

78 E Washington St, 5th Floor Chicago, IL 60602